Water Baby

Name: Melissa Kay  Email: myka@deakin.edu.au  Bio : Melissa is completing a degree in Professional and Creative Writing/Literature. She has been writing since she could pick up a pen and enjoys real stories about human strength and frailty. Previous Deakin publications include Behind Closed Doors (Verandah Vol.32, 2017) and School’s Out (Imagine Journal, 2015). WATER BABY … Continue reading Water Baby

Favourite fictional Characters Part 2 – the girls

 I started my blog last night with a list of my favourite male TV characters from TV and movies. Now it’s the girls’ turn. I don’t know why I thought this list would be easier than the men’s.  Okay, the attraction factor doesn’t exist, so I’m going purely on personality and character arc here, but it … Continue reading Favourite fictional Characters Part 2 – the girls